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The Whiteshell area has numerous hiking trails for the novice and expert ranks winding through rugged terain, forrests, lakes and rivers. There are countless of unspoiled sandy beaches with beautiful views, water sport rentals, change rooms and food kiosks.

With over 200 lakes to choose from, there is a private haven for you. The Whiteshell is a superb retreat for locals, sporting enthusiats and international visitors.

Whiteshell Provinical Park has twelve main freshwater lakes that are used for recreation which would include boating, watersports and angling. These lakes are:

Falcon Lake
West Hawk Lake
Caddy Lake
Brereton Lake
War Eagle Lake
Jessica Lake
White Lake
Big Whiteshell Lake
Betula Lake
Nutimik Lake
Dorothy Lake
Eleanor Lake

In addition there are many more remote lakes throughout the park that are not easy to access, such as George Lake, Crowduck Lake, and Horseshoe Lake.